The Pledge to Mary
23rd of July 1816

The Marist Pledge in Lyon

Courveille, Champagnat and Colin, the founding fathers of the Society of Mary, were ordained in Lyon on the 22nd of July 1816. The next day they and nine other companions climbed Fourvière hill to the shrine, where Courveille celebrated his first mass. There they promised to found a congregation that would belong to Mary and be named for her. Their written pledge was placed on the altar during the Mass and after communion the twelve read out their promise, which became known as the Fourvière Pledge. 2016 marks the bicentenary of this event.

Called to Pledge to Mary today

The Fourvière Pledge for New Zealand

On January 1838, Bishop Pompallier dedicated Aotearoa to Our Lady assumed into Heaven.

On the 23rd of July 2020, at the Sanctuary in Leithfeild, the Beatitudes Community, the Fourviere team and a representents of diffrent religeous  orders pledged themselves to our Lady and entrusted Aotearoa to her maternal care.

On the 15th August 2021, the Bishops of New Zealand renewed the dedication of Aotearoa to our Lady Assumed into Heaven. 

Come to the Sanctuary and dedicate your life to Christ through Mary.