The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fourvière is a place where families, individuals and groups can come for rest, spiritual renewal, times of prayer, Eucharistic Adoration, Mass, feast day events, picnics and much more. Come and  be inspired by the story of the first missionaries to Oceania. Meet the Community of the Beatitudes which is a living community of Priests, Consecrated Sisters and Lay people and encounter Mary and Jesus in this special place.

We are looking forward to welcoming you for your visit or your next retreat.

Who is it for?

The Sanctuary of our Lady of Fourvière is for all people of good will with a thirst for wholeness and truth - Catholic or non-Catholic, Christian or non-Christian.

Fourvière is for:

  • Someone overcome by the world – feeling dry, dead, exhausted

  • Someone on the path of recovery – looking for healing and respite

  • Someone on the path of discovery – at the beginning of their spiritual journey

  • Someone without faith  – but intrigued by the experience …

  • Someone with faith - seeking the space to hear God’s voice ….

  • Someone young, in need of being listened to, understood and mentored...

  • Someone older, a mother or father – for a beautiful place to rest and pray … 

  • A priest or religious – to rediscover their first love…

  • A family - in search of a nurturing and vibrant environment ...

  • A Group, School or Parish – to rediscover their first love together…

  • You - in your deepest spiritual thirst and need.

Our Vision

Fourvière is a haven of silence and beauty that allows one to leave a world lost in artificial connections in order to reconnect with self, others and God.


The Fourvière spiritual team share their gift of living in the presence of God with all visitors, so that each one may encounter God in the depths of their being and re-enter the world transformed and renewed.

Our Mission

We provide a place where groups and individuals can rest and gain spiritual renewal particularly through a living encounter with the Community of the Beatitudes.


The Community share the beauty of their liturgical rhythm of prayer, inviting each person to ‘taste and see that the Lord is good’.


Their experience and expertise in Christian formation is put at the service of the people of God through offering:

  • A place of respite for those in need of rest from the pressures of the world

  • Accompaniment and or guidance of those on personal retreat

  • running retreats and days of recollection

  • prayerful events, celebrations, liturgies and places to pray and adore

  • educational programmes

  • a living shrine where communities, families and individuals can pray, meet, play and be together.

The Fourvière Logo

The Fourvière logo is an interpretation of the original mission flag that was fixed to the mast of the Sancta Maria, Bishop Pompallier’s first mission ship to Oceania. 


His mission was dedicated to Mary under the title of the Immaculate Conception and the flag was based on that symbol as found on the ‘miraculous medal’. The flag depicted a blue cross, with a monogram of Mary.

The cross was surrounded by twelve stars and under it was a crescent moon, symbolising the Woman of the Apocalypse. ~ Rev.12


The Fourvière logo incorporates the prow of a waka, suggesting the arrival of these first missionaries, in whose spirit Fourvière seeks to continue the work of evangelisation today, We too anchor ourselves in this spiritual tradition under Mary’s banner. The waka is also in the form of a koru, which symbolises new life and ongoing spiritual renewal. 


The Beatitudes Catholic Community is an international Ecclesial Family of Consecrated Life in the Catholic Church. ​

The life of the Community is made up of prayer and service, with hospitality being an important dimension. This is expressed through retreats, days of recollection, spiritual guidance, and fostering a contemplative spirit in the midst of daily life, through the unceasing prayer of the heart. Committed to the New Evangelisation, the Beatitudes Community seeks to announce the Good News of the Gospel through its liturgy, beauty, music, art, youth apostolate, works of compassion, and missionary activity.

Visit their website: Beatitudes NZ

The Community of The Beatitudes
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The Sanctuary relies on the collaboration of a large team of volunteers who have put their talents forward to serve the Lord and his people in this apostolate.

To volunteer your talents and time, please contact:

Michael Loretz at director@fourviere.nz

or Thomas Peacock at apostolate@fourviere.nz

Our Staff & Volunteers